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Understand LTL (ULTL) is on a mission to build out a radical new community within the Less than Truckload market.  For so long, the complexity and lack of transparency on all sides of the industry have only resulted in extra friction, cost, and an extraordinarily long ramp up period for industry newcomers.

With our ecosystem of courses, events, content, and consulting – ULTL aims to eradicate the intellectual poverty level while raising the level of confidence for everyone in the LTL industry.

The ULTL A Team

These folks are a valued team of advisors and leaders that support the community and the knowledge based mission of Understand LTL.

Lance Healy
Co-Founder & CEO at Freight Facts
Michael Campese
Jameson Goforth
VP of Revenue - GLS
Todd Polen
VP Pricing, ODFL inc
Jeremy Vetterkind
Director of Pricing, Sutton
Brian Sepe
Sr Director LTL, Loadsmart
Liz Ward
Head of ZEBOX America
Keith Farnsworth
VP of Sales, CCFS
Madison Conway
Global Marketing Director, The DDC Group
Scooter Sayers
President, Sayers Logistics
Chet Richardson
CEO of Optimum Logistics Consulting
Dan Penrod
Director of Global Logistics, Otis Elevator Co
Carly Bly
Sr. Director of Carrier Relations, BlueGrace Logistics